Amigurumi Hippo1
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It’s the return of the hippo! Almost one year ago to the day, I posted about an amigurumi hippo that I made as a special request for someone. In that post, I said:

“I must remember to write down the pattern for the head because I may want to make this little guy another time…”

Yeah … Good thinking, that. Except that I didn’t. Or maybe I did, but completely lost it. Anyway, after I either (a) failed to write down the pattern or (b) lost said pattern, I got some positive feedback about the hippo! So, recently, I decided to recreate him using some close-up photos from last year.

Amigurumi Hippo1

And this time I actually wrote up the pattern! It’s in my Etsy shop now and, shortly, will be on Ravelry.

Thank goodness for close-up photos.

Amigurumi Hippo 2

I gave this little hippo a body similar in style to the elephant body, but shorter, and with stumpier legs. (I put the two of them side by side and they look really cute together.)

Amigurumi Hippo 3

Finally, if you’re looking to waste some time on the interwebs, google “pygmy hippo”. They’re too cute.


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