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I must have ALL the couch pillows

The other day I was looking through some of my old blog posts and I was shocked at how absolutely naked my couch looked in my couch post! That photo was back when I had zero pillows on it. Now, however, my couch is nicely crammed with pillows: I threw my crochet pillows on there… Continue reading I must have ALL the couch pillows

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A Little Queen Anne’s Lace

So, I have to admit, I've been having an enjoyably busy(ish) couple of weeks. I'm well into my teacher's education program and I'm really enjoying it! I'm excited for the part where we get to go into a real high school class and actually get some hands-on experience teaching. That sounds like an awful lot… Continue reading A Little Queen Anne’s Lace

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Flower Power

I went on a bit of a flower making binge recently. It was inspired by the fancy wooly goodness that I bought a little while ago. I decided that I wanted some sort of flowery scarflette thing for fall (and ohmygoodgravy it is certainly feeling so delightfully fall today). So, I turned to my good… Continue reading Flower Power