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Flower Power

I went on a bit of a flower making binge recently. It was inspired by the fancy wooly goodness that I bought a little while ago. I decided that I wanted some sort of flowery scarflette thing for fall (and ohmygoodgravy it is certainly feeling so delightfully fall today). So, I turned to my good friend, the interwebs, to find the perfect (free) pattern for the roses that I wanted to make!

Of course, for scientific purposes, I had to test the various patterns before I started using the fancy yarn. Full disclosure: all of the free patterns that I used were in diagram form. I really love the intuitiveness of the diagram patterns. I think it totally depends on your learning style. Here’s what I came up with:

Flower Study

The first one ended up being a little on the huge side. It’s a Pierrot pattern and can be found here. (If you want to peek at all of Pierrot’s free flower patterns, click here. It makes me simultaneously drool and want to make all of them.)

Large Blue Rose

The second one was also from Pierrot (found here) and was cute, but a little too poofy for what I wanted.

Frilly Teal Rose

The last one was a pattern from My Picot. The flower on the left was done using the pattern found here and the one on the right is the same pattern, just omitting the second row.

My Picot Roses

In the end I chose the My Picot pattern to make the roses. Here are all the roses that I’ve made so far using my shmancy yarn:

White and Purple Roses

Now, I just have to decide how I want to join them all together. (Argg, too many decisions!) I’ve been looking up some ideas on Ravelry and Etsy, and hopefully soon I’ll settle on a way of finishing it all!

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