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A Little Queen Anne’s Lace

So, I have to admit, I’ve been having an enjoyably busy(ish) couple of weeks. I’m well into my teacher’s education program and I’m really enjoying it! I’m excited for the part where we get to go into a real high school class and actually get some hands-on experience teaching. That sounds like an awful lot of fun. I keep wondering: can I incorporate crochet into any of this teaching stuff? I bet I can. I’m still in search of the angle!

Anyway, between classes I’ve been working away, quite solidly, on a couple of projects. I thought of another use for my shmancy yarn that I bought from the schmancy wool shop. Except, I don’t want to post a look-at-what-I-made photo of everything, since these things are probably going to be gifts eventually.

However, I can show you what I made for myself using some pretty yarn left-overs! It’s a Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf and it’s a free pattern over on Ravelry.

Queen Anne Lace scarf

Things I love about this scarf: it’s pretty to look at lying around but it’s even prettier when it’s on you.

Queen Anne Lace Scarf 2

So, because I have no self control, here’s a sneaky shot of some covert gifts I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, if any future recipients stumble across this photo, they will forget all about it by Christmas.

Secret Stuff

*Insert Men In Black eye flashy thing here.*

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