Stacked Pillows
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I must have ALL the couch pillows

The other day I was looking through some of my old blog posts and I was shocked at how absolutely naked my couch looked in my couch post! That photo was back when I had zero pillows on it. Now, however, my couch is nicely crammed with pillows:

Couch with pillows

I threw my crochet pillows on there right away. They were quickly joined by a fluffy white pillow that I found (for only $20) at Home-Something-or-other. Shortly after they made friends, I pulled out my Amy Butler fabrics, bought some excessively large pillow forms at FabricLand and sewed myself some bright and colourful bookend pillows.

Stacked Pillows

And I completely forgot to post about them! Well, I suppose there is a good reason: Since I made them, I have been constantly lying on them. (I’m even lounging on them as I’m writing this post.) As a result, they’ve become quite wrinkly and full of cat hair. But today I bit the bullet, pulled out the iron, grabbed the lint brush and snapped some pickies!

I made the front of the pillows out of four triangles, and on the back I just sewed two rectangles overlapping to make a flap.

Pillow Backs

I was a little worried at first that I chose pillow forms that were too big (and I have to admit, they are a little enourmous compared to the size of the couch), but, after much consideration, I don’t think I’d have them any other way. They are wonderfully com-for-ta-buls. Just great for lounging.

Oh, and one of the funny things that Boo likes about this couch is the fact that he can impersonate monorail cat on the arm rests.

Monorail-cat Boo

5 thoughts on “I must have ALL the couch pillows”

  1. I love your pillows! You can never have to many pillows on your sofa, especially lovely colourful ones like yours. Your cat is sweet too, he made me chuckle when I saw how he was sitting. Very cute!

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