The Bus 3
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To the Bus! (Part 2)

Whew! What a week. I'll be honest, I expected to be farther along with my costume by this point ... which means that I've been working furiously on it this weekend! Here's my progress on the bus so far. I'm glad to say, it's resembling more of a bus lately and less of a giant… Continue reading To the Bus! (Part 2)

Rosie the puppy
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Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

This weekend, we packed up our gear (and Boo) and headed to my parents for Thanksgiving. You may recall that my parents have a new edition to their family: Rosie the redonkulously adorable puppy. The last time I saw her was in August, so she's grown a little since then. I know. She's just painfully cute.… Continue reading Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

Schoolbus Sketch
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To the Bus! (Part 1)

I recently decided to dress up as Miss Frizzle for Halloween. Why? Because she is awesome. I've been learning so much at school about the importance of having students explore, discover and get their hands dirty in order to get a genuinely deep understanding of concepts, and who better demonstrates this than the woman who… Continue reading To the Bus! (Part 1)


Let the Halloween-ing Begin!

I really like Halloween. I tend to take my Halloween costumes veeeeery seriously. I mean, how often do you get to combine your craftiness with something awesome and absurd that you get to wear all day? So, in light of Halloween coming up, I'd like to take you on a Halloween costume journey...through time! October… Continue reading Let the Halloween-ing Begin!