Let the Halloween-ing Begin!

I really like Halloween. I tend to take my Halloween costumes veeeeery seriously. I mean, how often do you get to combine your craftiness with something awesome and absurd that you get to wear all day?

So, in light of Halloween coming up, I’d like to take you on a Halloween costume journey…through time!

October 2005: Example #1 of how I tend to gravitate towards obscure costumes that nobody understands. I dressed up as a Bruce from one of my favourite Monty Python sketches. The tag on my shirt says, ‘University of Wallamaloo’. Only one person that day understood what I was, but it didn’t matter, I still loved this costume!

Bruce Costume

The next year, Paul and I went with a ‘Wicked’ theme for our Halloween costumes. He was the Scarecrow and I was Elphaba. If you correctly guessed Mark’s costume as Cardinal Fang from Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition, you gain +1,000,000 internet points.

Halloween 2006

Example #2 of how I gravitate towards obscure costumes: the year I dressed up as Mrs. Coulter from The Golden Compass series of books. The only real giveaway for this costume was the golden monkey that I carried around all day.

Mrs. Coulter Costume

Props to Mark that year for dressing up as Schrodinger. And yes, this is a picture of him at school, standing in front of the Schrodinger equation, holding a mangled cat doll in a box that says ‘Diabolical Device Inside’. Awesome.

Schrodinger Costume

Another Halloween, I decided to dress up like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. This was a ridiculously fun costume to make. Mark dressed up as Wolverine, with the best claws I’ve ever seen. Paul dressed up as a Ghostbuster. Among other things, he’s got a router and a calculator strapped to his belt, and he’s holding the hose to an old shop vacuum.

Halloween 2008

Last year, Mark and I dressed up as Leia and Han. And we also carved a Death Star pumpkin.

And this year? Since this is my year of teacher’s ed, I decided to dress up as one of the best cartoon teachers: Miss Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus!

On Halloween, I will be practice teaching at an actual high school, so I really hope they allow their teachers to wear costumes that day.

I also intend – and this should come as no surprise at this point – to crochet my own magic schoolbus to carry around that day. I’m planning on posting the step-by-step process as I go, so you can see how I piece it together!

Mark is still undecided on his costume. I think he should be Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. That way, he could wear a ‘Hello, My Name Is’ name tag all day that says, ‘Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to Die!’ Do you have any suggestions for him?

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