Rosie the puppy
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Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

This weekend, we packed up our gear (and Boo) and headed to my parents for Thanksgiving. You may recall that my parents have a new edition to their family: Rosie the redonkulously adorable puppy. The last time I saw her was in August, so she’s grown a little since then.

Rosie the puppy

I know. She’s just painfully cute.

When Rosie met Boo, she was a little unsure at first. I mean, what’s up with the black lanky thing that has made a sudden appearance in the house!? Boo (typically) was unfazed by the whole thing.

Rosie and Boo

It was really adorable watching them get to know each other. Rosie really wanted Boo to act like a puppy and chase her around! She’d run up to him, bark, and then start running away, expecting him to chase her. Boo’s all like, ‘Wha? I don’t speak puppy.’

Eventually, they established some rules to play a chasing game. The rules were: Boo would lie down first, then Rosie would lie down (it took Rosie some time to learn this, because she’s really hyper), then Boo would run after her. After Boo chased her, he’d run away and then Rosie would chase him for a little while. Then the whole process would repeat. It was just SO CUTE.

Boo also kind of enjoyed messing with Rosie a little. This is Boo lying oh-so-nonchalantly on Rosie’s kennel.

Boo on Rosie's Kennel

In between eating turkey and watching the Rosie and Boo show, I also fit in some time to work on my Halloween costume. I set up my felt at the kitchen table and painted space themed objects that I’m going to cut out and sew on my Miss Frizzle dress.

Painting stars on felt

It was a decent set up: paint, felt, tea, cookies… except for the fact that I kept almost dunking my paintbrush in my tea instead of in the paint container. In retrospect, I should have put those two things farther apart.

Painting planets on felt

Now that we’re home, I feel like maybe Boo has a better appreciation for what Odis (our older, calmer cat) has to put up with from him on a regular basis. Maybe hanging around Rosie all weekend has finally matured him a little bit! Or maybe I’ll just be saying that until the next time I catch him jumping on Odis’ back.


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