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To the Bus! (The End)

Woo hoo! My costume was done in time and I wore it like a champ all day on Halloween.

Miss Frizzle 1

Unfortunately, not a lot of other people were dressed up at the school where I’m teaching … so I stood out a little bit. Then again, that’s never stopped me before!

Pretty much all of my students knew who I was right away! Whenever I walked down the hall, I would constantly hear kids behind me whispering, “… it’s Miss Frizzle … from The Magic Schoolbus!” A number of students in the grade 12 physics class I’m teaching were insisting that we watch The Magic Schoolbus during class. I love being responsible for turning teenagers into little kids again. Ah, mission accomplished.

So, onto the costume: here’s my dress from the back.

Miss Frizzle 2

I sewed the following celestial objects onto my dress: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, a comet, and a bunch of stars. My bus, of course, was crocheted. (I think I scared some of the other teachers when I told them that I made it. Surprise! I’m a crazy craft person!)

As for my pumpkin this year, I ended up carving it the afternoon of Halloween. I’ve never left a pumpkin until the last minute before, but, in my defence, I was crazy busy this past week. I ended up using what was at hand: one large pumpkin, a bunch of little pumpkins that were decorating our table, a sharpie, and one slightly twisted imagination. The result:

Pumpkin Eater

All in all, it was a really fun Halloween. I especially loved the fact that I got to dress up as a famous teacher while I was practice teaching.

In conclusion, I can sum up this Halloween with one statement:


Miss Frizzle 3


8 thoughts on “To the Bus! (The End)”

  1. What a FANTASTIC job! I absolutely love it. The dress is adorable, the bus is awesome. Oh and the shoes, I love the shoes.

  2. Could you let me know how you did the celestial objects? Were they felt, and did you hot glue them on, or sew them on? Also- where did you get that awesome wig?!?! I am a school librarian and hoping to do this costume next month… Also… THE SHOES! 🙂 If you have any details at all, please email me 🙂

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