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To the Bus! (The End)

Woo hoo! My costume was done in time and I wore it like a champ all day on Halloween.

Miss Frizzle 1

Unfortunately, not a lot of other people were dressed up at the school where I’m teaching … so I stood out a little bit. Then again, that’s never stopped me before!

Pretty much all of my students knew who I was right away! Whenever I walked down the hall, I would constantly hear kids behind me whispering, “… it’s Miss Frizzle … from The Magic Schoolbus!” A number of students in the grade 12 physics class I’m teaching were insisting that we watch The Magic Schoolbus during class. I love being responsible for turning teenagers into little kids again. Ah, mission accomplished.

So, onto the costume: here’s my dress from the back.

Miss Frizzle 2

I sewed the following celestial objects onto my dress: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, a comet, and a bunch of stars. My bus, of course, was crocheted. (I think I scared some of the other teachers when I told them that I made it. Surprise! I’m a crazy craft person!)

As for my pumpkin this year, I ended up carving it the afternoon of Halloween. I’ve never left a pumpkin until the last minute before, but, in my defence, I was crazy busy this past week. I ended up using what was at hand: one large pumpkin, a bunch of little pumpkins that were decorating our table, a sharpie, and one slightly twisted imagination. The result:

Pumpkin Eater

All in all, it was a really fun Halloween. I especially loved the fact that I got to dress up as a famous teacher while I was practice teaching.

In conclusion, I can sum up this Halloween with one statement:


Miss Frizzle 3


8 thoughts on “To the Bus! (The End)”

  1. Could you let me know how you did the celestial objects? Were they felt, and did you hot glue them on, or sew them on? Also- where did you get that awesome wig?!?! I am a school librarian and hoping to do this costume next month… Also… THE SHOES! 🙂 If you have any details at all, please email me 🙂

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