Secret Gift Pineapple Motif
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Christmas Crafty Prep

This week I started back to regular teacher’s ed classes … and I’m kinda bummed because I miss my students. Of the other people I’ve talked to, they feel exactly the same. We’re all just counting the days until our next in-class placement.

The only upside is that I’ve had some of my free time back. While I was teaching, there wasn’t really time for anything else. I found that I was quietly craving bright and happy crochet time. I think this means I’m a craft addict. I’m ok with that.

Now I’m crocheting again, and it’s nice. I’ve got a few projects on the go – all of which are designated as Christmas presents. This year I’m embracing crafted presents in a big way, especially because I’m a broke student again. I actually think I’m going to craft more presents in the future (even once I get a job again) because, along with saving money, it’s a lot more meaningful as a gift.

Here’s what I’ve got under my hat so far …

Cozy secret gift

A secret warm surprise for one person (it’s still in the works). The yarn is a neat little twist of pink, cream and tan yarn.

Secret Gift Pineapple Motif

This one I have to be very guarded about, so I’m just showing you one motif. I love the colour of this yarn.

Snowman Amigurumi

And this final guy, I just finished yesterday. I’m soooo in love with him. I’m going to give him away as a secret santa thing that’s being organized by some other student teachers at school. I think I’m going to make a few more of him since I can already think of some other people who would enjoy him. I’m also going to write him up as a pattern for my shop. (It feels like forever since I’ve done a new one!)

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