Snowman Amigurumi 2
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Snowman Pattern!

Here is my newest amigurumi pattern: the Snowman!

He and I had a photoshoot the other day.

Snowman Amigurumi 1

(Aside: I realized that I need a new bristol board backdrop. Apparently, it can only take so much of Boo climbing all over it.)

I’m really liking this snowman. I’ve already made another one to give away for Christmas. The other one has a ‘winter’ themed scarf. It’s two shades of blue with a white stripe in between. These little guys take no time to whip up.

The pattern is posted now on Etsy as well as Ravelry.

Snowman Amigurumi 2

Until I gift wrap them, I think these little guys are going to be a part of my Christmas decorations around the house!

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