Craft Mosaic
Amigurumis, Around the House

The Hundredth

Woah. This, I have to say, is a little bit of a milestone for me. My 100th post on this blog. Have I really had that much to say over the past year-and-a-half?

Apparently, I have. And I’ve had a blast doing it. When I started the blog, I wanted a place to write down all of the stuff I’d been up to and to connect with some online crafty bloggers as well. It turns out, it’s also been a great little journal for me too. (As someone who’s not a huge fan of keeping journals/diaries, it’s not the easiest to admit that.) I like the fact that I can look back in time to see what a snapshot of my life was like then.

So, here is a little trip down memory lane. I made this mosaic from the projects that I’ve done over the past year-and-a-half and blogged about.

Craft Mosaic

And here’s the reason why the last mosaic doesn’t contain many amigurumis: because there are sooooooo many of them. I didn’t realize what my addiction was like until I captured them all in one place. (And the scary part: this isn’t even all of them!)

Amigurumi Mosaic

As a sort of milestone thing, I decided to set up a twitter account for myself! It’s @MsPremiseConcln. If you’re on Twitter, you should find me!

So, in closing, thanks for reading. And to all those crafty bloggers out there, thanks for letting me read your blogs. Your blogs bring some happy craftiness to just about every day – and I hope mine can too. 🙂

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