Around the House, My Cats

Hey, it’s 2012!

Well, I certainly had an enjoyable (and very long) holiday break! However, the break was quickly followed by ramming myself back into school gear and trying to complete a ton of school projects that are due this month. Phew!

My snowflakes that I gave to people for Christmas were a hit! I had loads of fun making them, too. There were even a few little ones left over for me to hang on my tree next year.

Christmas tree with snowflakes

The cats loved Christmas. Odis’ favourite part is opening the stockings. She plops herself squarely in the middle of them and won’t budge until everything has been unwrapped.

Odis and stockings

Boo tends to find his own fun (see below).

Boo in ginger ale box 1

Boo in ginger ale box 2

Boo in ginger ale box

In crochet news, Mom gave me a gift bag for Christmas that was full of random, colourful yarns (which made me ridiculously happy). I’ve been working away at some dainty little squares using my new colours, although I haven’t photographed them yet… also, I haven’t even decided what I’ll end up making with them. A tote? A new laptop case? Perhaps inspiration will strike at random.

Also, I found a new place to buy yarn that’s incredibly close to school!!!!!!! And it’s way cheaper than Michaels. It’s called Len’s Mills, and I think they have a few locations in Ontario. I bought a bag of stuffing there on Thursday for – and keep in mind that I get furiously excited over simple things – $2.63. Gah! And they have Patton yarn. Nice.

Now that I have some stuffing again, I feel an oncoming amigurumi spree. Last night I made a yellow ninja with a skirt. I feel as if she needs some friends. Updates to come.

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