New Amigurumi Buddies

As I frequently do, I went on a little bit of an amigurumi binge last week. I was inspired by someone at teacher’s college who also LOVES crochet and is venturing into amigurumi making! (Isn’t it so exciting to meet someone else who understands your craft obsession?)

So, I decided to make a ninja. But just to mix it up, I gave her a little skirt – just like the girl Power Rangers (shout out to Power Rangers!)

Yellow Ninja

She’s hanging out on my amigurumi shelf now, which is getting a little crowded. However – that did not stop me from making my girl ninja a little friend.

Yellow Ninja and Squirrel

Ah, I love me some squirrel. It occurred to me that I haven’t had a squirrel in the house for at least a year (!) The squirrel was decidedly overdue. As a bonus, I love how they ended up being the same itty bitty size.


As I was looking for eyes to use for the squirrel, I discovered this beautiful pair of sparkly green eyes. How did I forget that I had these? I think they make my little squirrel look very ‘forresty’. I feel like these little guys satisfied my amigurumi urge … for now. Enough at least to get going on some squares that I’ve decided to make into a new laptop case. More to come!


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