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Another Chico

Well, I suppose I need to start this post by way of some updates …

First of all: I finished my teacher’s education program. Yay! About a month ago, I attended my graduation ceremony (it was actually my first time on the ‘official’ campus – oops) and ended up sitting a few rows in front of a certain famous celebrity.

Second of all and more importantly: I GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!1!!! So, when this September rolls around, I will officially be a SCIENCE TEACHER. I am super excited about this and I can’t quite wait until September.

I also have been getting back into the swing of crafting now that I’ve ended up with a lot of time on my hands. I was inspired by my Dad’s carving of Chico and Poncho. (Aside: he has since done TWO more carvings … I really should post some pictures of them as well.)

So I decided to crochet my own Chico to give to him for father’s day. For comparison, here is a close up of Dad’s Chico (he is only about an inch tall):

Chico Zoomed In

And here’s my Chico.

Amigurumi Chico

And here he is beside their (now one-year-old) dog, Rosie. Be very impressed that she was able to stay still for the picture; she is not a stationary dog.

Chico and Rosie

Chico still needs a little red kerchief. Mom and I are both on the look out for some scrap material.

Next up: adding the long-awaited finishing touches to a project I started *gulp* over a year ago.


2 thoughts on “Another Chico”

  1. Congrats on both your graduation and your placement! Good luck from a fellow teacher, may you inspire a lifelong love of learning in your students.

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