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A (Finally) Finished Totoro

I heart Totoro. I only discovered the movie about a couple of years ago, and I was completely swept away in the adorable whimsy of all. I even have a Totoro painting in my living room.

A whiiiiile ago, I started making a large Totoro doll. I finished up all of the crocheted bits, then I set him aside until I ‘got some felt’ to finish off the details. It only took a year and a half for me to get around to ‘getting the felt’.

After the felt was good and gotten, it only took a grand total of 15 more minutes to complete him … so HE’S DONE!!!

Totoro Amigurumi

Totoro Amigurumi Side View

He’s currently sitting on my mantle, along with my shuttle, various craft gifts I’ve received and a nifty horsey-pulley-thing we took from Mark’s parents’ cottage (it’s possibly actually called a yoke). Here’s our mantle:


2 thoughts on “A (Finally) Finished Totoro”

  1. pattern pattern pattern … oh wait ::gets on hands and knees:: pattern, please and thank you. I sucked air when I saw this!

    1. Haha!!
      OK … I’m going deep into the bowels of desk crap to locate some year-old scribbled Totoro pattern… This might take a bit.

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