Totoro Pattern Scribbles
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A Totoro Pattern

Woah, my desk is a mess. Although, maybe I prefer calling it ‘controlled chaos’, for, even though it is piled high with craft/school/financial/amigurumis/sewing  machine/garbage/other random stuff, I still managed to find some partially finished scribbles of my Totoro pattern that I started a year and a half ago. Woot!

Totoro Pattern Scribbles

(Random pattern scribbles complete with genuine coffee stain.)

SO, I quickly typed up the pattern (using a lot of shorthand – but don’t worry, there’s a little explanation at the top) and filled in the blanks by staring at the stitches in my finished Totoro for a while. So, while it’s not a perfect pattern – it’s free.

Totoro Pattern Picture


5 thoughts on “A Totoro Pattern”

  1. I really love this Totoro, I’d like to know how big it is. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations.

      1. That works perfect for what I need, I’m gonna be making this soon. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s really beautiful!

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