Beaded Cuff 1
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New Thing!

I’ve discovered a new thing to crochet! And now, unsurprisingly, I’m unable to put it down.

I was inspired by Irregular Expressions to try out the technique of using beads and crochet cotton to make jewellery. (I’ve known about Irregular Expressions for a while now, and every now and then I just go to their Flickr page or Etsy page and drool a little bit. Click on the links and I guarantee your jaw will drop.)

Here is my first attempt at a cuff:

Beaded Cuff 1

Basically, I just strung a bunch of little beads onto the cotton before I started crocheting, and then I just added a bead to the middle of some of the stitches. I’m totally in love with it.

Beaded Cuff 2

So, I also made one for Odis.

Collar for Odis 1

Except hers doesn’t have beads. Because either her or Boo would chew them off and eat them. I also dissected on old collar of hers so that I could use a safety clasp on this new collar. She says she would prefer that I refer to it as a ‘necklace’.

Collar for Odis 2

I am so addicted to this now! I’ve been making quite a few of these little jewellery things. More to come!

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