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Doo Wee Ooo (that’s The Doctor Who theme)

I’ve been working diligently away at my Tardis, and have some progress to report. I used plastic canvas to make the inner structure, which I showed off last time, and now I’ve covered the outside with crochet. I’ve also stuffed it to give it a bigger on the inside feel, if you will.

Crocheted Tardis In Progress

Now that the main form is set, it’s just a matter for me to cover the outside with details! I’ll need tons of lining strips to outline the door panels and lots of layers of trim. I’m also thinking of getting some iron-on paper that I can put through my printer for all of the ‘Police Box’ signs. (For the panels with writing on it, I’m not going to trust my own hand with a felt-tipped marker.) I’m not totally sure where I’m going to find the sort of print-on paper that I need though…

I also want to fill you in on some projects from last summer that I never posted, so in Dr. Who fashion, let’s hop into our Tardis and go back in time (a little) …


Last summer my mini-obsession was with beaded crochet and jewelry. I started with this post, where I was experimenting with beading and crochet in kind of a fun and easy-to-make little cuff. I carried on with the bracelet theme with the following:

Blue Beaded Crochet Bracelet

For this one, I started out with the circles and then crocheted a rectangular border around them, connecting them together. This was a fun one. I love turquoise!

Braided Crocheted Bracelet

The next one was a braided-looking thing. It’s really just a bunch of interconnected circles – it was surprisingly easy to make!

Lacey Crocheted Bracelet

The last one was a bit of a frilly concoction, held together with a ribbon.

Three Beaded Crocheted Bracelets

And here they all are together.

Next on flashbacks: I moved on to necklaces.


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