Posted by: mspremiseconclusion | March 13, 2015

I Crocheted a Stealth Bomber

I couldn’t help myself.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 1

The design of this plane is just too cool.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 2

The chunky angles, the single wing, the aerodynamic shapes, the low radar cross-section …

Crochet Stealth Bomber 3

From some angles, this plane looks just like a bird of prey. In fact, there’s a cool image online that compares the profile of a hawk (I think, maybe, it’s a hawk?) and the B-2 in flight! I kept referring back to it so that I could get the bottom piece to look right.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 4

No, I do not condone people bombing other people … so can we consider this one a Stealth Yarn Bomber? 😉

Crochet Stealth Bomber Blue

Even though this little fellow is quite menacing, I think the crocheted version is quite a bit cuter than the real deal.

To construct this little guy, I used a sheet of plastic canvas to make the wings nice and stiff. I also had to play around a little with crocheting parallelograms to get the flying wing to look just right. I’m working on a pattern as we speak! It’s fun to be making some new patterns again.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 6

Now, I’ve printed out a few more images of some of my favourite planes, so I’m tempted to work on some more during this March Break. So much for getting caught up on my marking!



  1. Pretty impressive. We’ll probably see the real deal at the museum in Washington this summer. Bring your’s and we’ll get a photo of the two together! Dad.

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