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I Crocheted a Stealth Bomber

I couldn’t help myself.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 1

The design of this plane is just too cool.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 2

The chunky angles, the single wing, the aerodynamic shapes, the low radar cross-section …

Crochet Stealth Bomber 3

From some angles, this plane looks just like a bird of prey. In fact, there’s a cool image online that compares the profile of a hawk (I think, maybe, it’s a hawk?) and the B-2 in flight! I kept referring back to it so that I could get the bottom piece to look right.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 4

No, I do not condone people bombing other people … so can we consider this one a Stealth Yarn Bomber? 😉

Crochet Stealth Bomber Blue

Even though this little fellow is quite menacing, I think the crocheted version is quite a bit cuter than the real deal.

To construct this little guy, I used a sheet of plastic canvas to make the wings nice and stiff. I also had to play around a little with crocheting parallelograms to get the flying wing to look just right. I’m working on a pattern as we speak! It’s fun to be making some new patterns again.

Crochet Stealth Bomber 6

Now, I’ve printed out a few more images of some of my favourite planes, so I’m tempted to work on some more during this March Break. So much for getting caught up on my marking!

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