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A Little Rainbow Love

Summer is here, the weather is beautiful, and people are Pokemon-Go-ing all over the place (myself included). It’s been a relaxing first few weeks of summer, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing various creative thingies again (which I plan on posting about).

Things may be fine in many of our safe bubbles, but the world on the whole doesn’t seem to be doing too well lately. Before school let out, we were blindsided by the terrible tragedy in Orlando. One of our amazing teachers made a banner for the victims of the Orlando shootings, which he then mailed to a community centre in Orlando, and hundreds of our students and staff signed it.

Watching the news play out then just made my heart hurt. I thought that our school’s banner could use a little more crochet, so I whipped up this rainbow and added a few of them to our care package.

IMG_1909 square

I also made a short pdf pattern to go along with it (click on the image below to open the pdf pattern).

Crochet Rainbow Cover

I think these little rainbows would make really good pins, keychains or magnets. Also, I think it might be cool to glue some stiff felt to the back of it so that it keeps its shape all the time.

Anyway, enjoy! Lin-Manuel couldn’t have put it better in his Tony speech: love is love is love is love is love is love is love…


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