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It Could Make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs

Yes, this ship could totally make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

First of all, yes, I realize that a parsec is a unit of distance (3.26 light years) and not a unit of time. (But it makes for a great opening line while teaching my students about astronomical distance.) So, technically, Han is boasting about completing a hyperspace route in less distance than his competitors. And, yes, I know there have been attempts to explain this line in terms of ‘hyperspace’ distances, and my response to that is, ‘MmmmHmmm‘.

More importantly: I am a Star Wars nerd and this isn’t my first foray into Star Wars crochet (evidence here). I do love crocheting technical things, and I’ve know for a while that I just had to try to crochet the Millennium Falcon – one of the most iconic ships in Star Wars!


I’ve also turned it into a very long pattern tutorial (on sale here). It was a marathon of writing.


Even though I toiled over my Millenium Falcon for quite some time, Mark has taken full and complete credit for it. Did he help with the design? Crocheting? Assembly? Oh, no. He chose the yarn. The yarn.

(I will admit, Mark, the yarn is perfect.)

It’s Red Heart Aran Fleck, which makes the Millennium Falcon look like there are little rust bits on it. The Millennium Falcon has never been a slick machine, but it’s particularly decrepit in Episode VII, where it’s given the best reveal ever while languishing in a junkyard on the planet of Jakku.

For a newer-looking ship, we’ll have to wait for the Han Solo movie in a couple of years!


All the essential bits are here – the cockpit, airlock and docking rings, sensor dish, heat exhaust vents, and, of course, the quad laser cannons (top and bottom). And no, Mark, the quad lasers cannot rotate.

There’s also no retractable landing gear, so it can’t perfectly recreate those moments in Docking Bay 94… but it comes close.

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