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My Colourful Obsession

When I find something I really, really like, I have zero chill; I obsess over it.

That’s what happened when I decided to make a shawl using colourful yarn. I scoured the internet for just the right colour changing yarn, when I landed on Scheepjes Whirl. Of course, it’s nowhere to be found in my neck of the woods, but I did find an online retailer who sells it. (The website is Deramores – sign up for their emails and wait for a sale!)

Anywhoo, I started with Passion Fruit Melt and Blackcurrant Squeeze Me (I love the names!)…


… and ended up making two shawls using this wonderful (free) Edlothia pattern on Ravelry.


Here is the shawl in action:


Now with this first shawl, I ended up going off the rails on the pattern a little bit, and was really worried I would run out of yarn. The yarn gods are clearly smiling down on you when this is the exact point at which you run out of yarn:


The yarn gods weren’t so kind with my latest scarf (using Jumpin’ Jelly), since I ended up running out of yarn when I was 20 stitches short of the end.


It all worked out fine: I ripped out the final row and turned it into half-double crochet stitches instead. This pattern (also from Ravelry and also free) was Halata. (Edit: I just realized this is the same pattern designer – Jasmin Räsänen – as the last one. Rock on, sister!)


I’m already working on another one that I want to make into a wall hanging.

Word to the wise: once you jump on this train, be prepared to spend a lot of time on this. One ball of Scheepje’s Whirl contains a kilometre of yarn!

I can’t stop!

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