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Mandala Madness Madness

My obsession with Scheepjes Whirl yarn has reared its head before – so I am always excited to see someone’s pattern that exploits these delicious ombre-colours to their full effect. Case in point: the Mandala Madness pattern by Helen Shrimpton.

I first tried this pattern out on the Rosewater Cocktail.


This pattern is a little tricky in that it uses a wide variety of stitches. Also every row is DIFFERENT. (The amount of creativity that went into this, I tell you.)

So while it’s a bit of a challenge to get started on a new row while binge-watching something on Netflix (I will admit to pausing what I’m watching from time to time), I like a challenge.



This used pretty much the full ball and made it to Row 57ish on the pattern. (In case you’re wondering, there are over 100 rows in this pattern!)

I’m thinking of turning this into a wall hanging, but I need a good way to mount it on a wall…

Now, I’m working on one for my Mom using Passion Fruit Melt, which I’ve used before to make a shawl. This is destined to be a funky doily:


I need to continue my binge-watching in order to progress on this one!


7 thoughts on “Mandala Madness Madness”

  1. I am quite curious about the size this made through row 57. I would like to make a baby blanket using this pattern, but would not know what color to begin with after using the rosewater cocktail, if through row 57 did not end up making it large enough. Yours is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Up to row 57 is about 25 inches in diameter for me. That used up the whole ball of yarn. I was considering making a bigger one by using another ball of the same colour but in the opposite colour direction. I thought that might look cool.

      1. I think you’re on to something! That would definitely look cool to crochet it back in the opposite direction. Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen yet. I love how the color coordination catches the eye and draws you into a psychedelic illusion and how the rhythm just flows throughout the pattern. very catchy, classy, and definitely sassy I love it. thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece of artwork, a masterpiece. great job.

  3. Hi, i love it!!!!! Could you sell me the patterns for this beautiful mandala? That would be great!
    Best wishes

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