Ada in Baby Yoda Costume
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A Baby Yoda Halloween

Exciting life update: Mark and I welcomed our own little Baby Yoda on Canada Day 2020! She’s been an absolute doll and we just love her to pieces. So, like any good, nerdy parents, we want to dress her up in ridiculous outfits to amuse ourselves. And since we take Halloween dress up very seriously, we needed our Baby Yoda to reach her full Baby Yoda-y-ness potential for this important holiday. And it took a team effort.

(Note: our daughter’s actual name is Ada, which, I guess is a little like Yoda.)

First up was the hat. I crocheted the hat (with earflaps) based on a few free patterns I found online, then free-styled the ears (they had to be ridiculously huge if I wanted to recreate Baby Yoda’s vibe.)

At first, she was unsure of the hat. Or that look may have been because I was laughing so hard that I was crying…

If you had heard me at this point, you would also be giving me this look.

Next up was the outfit. My mother stepped in and sewed that delightful robe. Because she lives 3 1/2 hours away, there were some FaceTime fitting sessions, some careful measurements, as well as a creepy doll in Mom’s basement that doubled as an Ada-mannequin.

Ada ‘helped’ with the measuring…

Ada loves this robe. The collar and sleeves are soft and squishy!

Finally, my father kept seeing the clip of Baby Yoda judgementally sipping from a wooden cup, so he CARVED her one!

My parents are the best for getting into this and deep-dive researching Baby Yoda even though they don’t watch The Mandalorian. Yet another weird, nerdy thing they get into simply because of their weird, nerdy daughter. 🙂

So, I guess I should be prepared for what’s coming down the line for me someday …

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