Ideal Crochet Sphere

Welcome to the repository of all things ideal sphere!

I’ve got my original ideal crochet sphere pattern on here (with instructions for 10 row all the way to 30 row spheres), my giant sphere pattern (for 60 row and 85 row spheres) as well as my google form, which will email you a custom pdf pattern for an ideal crochet sphere in whatever size you want!

First off, here is the post that started it all, wherein I ponder: ‘How does one make the perfect crochet sphere?’ For all the good math stuff, check it out:

The Ideal Crochet Sphere

Making a sphere is something that comes up a lot in the realm of crocheting stuff. But how do you make a really good sphere? This is something that I pondered one day. After a very brief and half-hearted go of it with google, I decided to answer the question myself… by throwing some math at it.…

Or, jump straight to the goods (and by ‘goods’, I mean the pdf):

If these spheres just don’t give you enough bang for your buck, might I interest you in a couple of giant-er spheres?

Or perhaps these spheres aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. Why not have a personalized pdf pattern emailed directly to your inbox??

You can check out the original post here:

Inspiration and a Personalized Sphere

*whoosh* *swings open saloon door and saunters in with crochet hooks* Just kidding. I’ve actually been here all along, I’ve just been working busily away at teaching and really not finding as much time as I’ve wanted to crochet. You know how you go through these spells where you don’t crochet in a long time…

On the google form, you need to estimate how wide one of your single crochet stitches is (this will depend on the hook and yarn that you choose). As a reference, I use a 3.75mm hook and medium yarn, and my stitches (un-stretched) are about 0.5 cm wide.

After that, you need to specify the radius of your sphere (in cm) and your email address, so that the pdf will be automatically emailed to you. Your final sphere size will probably be a little larger than the radius you specify because the stitches will stretch when you stuff it.

Here it is!