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The Painting is DONE!!!

My painting, which has been in the works for so long, is finally fiiiiniiished!! I presented to it my brother this weekend and he LOVED it! I am so beyond happy. As soon as he 'unwrapped' it (it was wrapped in my super soft housecoat because I didn't want the paint surface to stick to… Continue reading The Painting is DONE!!!

Penultimate Painting Update 2
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Penultimate Painting Update

This has got to be my penultimate painting update - because I just have to finish it soon! I'm going to be all painted out shortly. I'm on the home stretch! (I just need to keep repeating that to myself). Also, Boo (my naughty, naughty cat) can no longer be free whilst I am painting.… Continue reading Penultimate Painting Update