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My Dad’s got a Blog

My very talented father (of Poncho and Chico fame) has started his own carving blog: Tributes in Wood. And he's having a lot of fun with it. So far he's posted his first three caricature carvings (including Zeke the bank robber, shown below). I'm hoping he's also planning on taking some nice photos and posting… Continue reading My Dad’s got a Blog

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Poncho and Chico are Finished!

Well, I've been mia for the past couple of weeks, but there is a pretty good reason: I've been out placement teaching...PHYSICS! Phew. It's been super busy. I haven't had much time for the usual crafting. Instead, I've been making things like little motors and speakers (oh, and lessons. Lots and lots of lessons.) Speakers… Continue reading Poncho and Chico are Finished!