Amigurumi Elephant
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It's a little elephant! I made this little pink pachyderm recently. It's based off an elephant that I made for my brother a while ago. (He likes it). At the time, I didn't write down the pattern - I just winged. (Sometimes when you just want to sit down and crochet, you couldn't be bothered… Continue reading L’Elephant!

Crochet Tips

Invisi-Single Crochet Decrease

Ever get tired of how bulky single crochet decrease (ScDec) stitches look once you've finished your piece? Fret no more! Here is a mini tute that shows how to do a ScDec so that, when viewed from the 'V' side, you can barely spot it. (This would certainly come in handy if you're attempting a… Continue reading Invisi-Single Crochet Decrease

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The Ideal Crochet Sphere

Making a sphere is something that comes up a lot in the realm of crocheting stuff. But how do you make a really good sphere? This is something that I pondered one day. After a very brief and half-hearted go of it with google, I decided to answer the question myself... by throwing some math… Continue reading The Ideal Crochet Sphere

Cool Stuff

Holy Freeform Crochet, Batman

This is something that I've had some fun google image searching lately. Basically, from what I've gathered from the internet, to make a freeform crochet piece, you just start crocheting... and then the key is not to stop. When you switch up the type of yarn, the colour, the technique, maybe throw in some knitted… Continue reading Holy Freeform Crochet, Batman