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Doo Wee Ooo (that’s The Doctor Who theme)

I've been working diligently away at my Tardis, and have some progress to report. I used plastic canvas to make the inner structure, which I showed off last time, and now I've covered the outside with crochet. I've also stuffed it to give it a bigger on the inside feel, if you will. Now that the main form is… Continue reading Doo Wee Ooo (that’s The Doctor Who theme)

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The Crafty Bug

Well, that was certainly a break from blogging! I had an incredibly eventful year which left very little time for bloggy-land. The two major things that happened to me were as follows: 1) I had a phenomenal first year of being a teacher, and 2) Mark and I bought a house! Phew. So, teaching is… Continue reading The Crafty Bug