Crochet Space Shuttle
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Crafts in Space

I don't think it's a secret to anyone that I'm a huge space nerd. Also not surprising: the fact that my nerdery overflows into my craftiness obsession. What was a surprise? When Alan Boyle - the science editor from -  contacted me on Etsy to ask if he could use an image of my… Continue reading Crafts in Space

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Cephalopod Crochet

It's no wonder that people like to crochet cephalopods (read: octopusessess and the like). I mean, crocheting in rounds lends itself quite nicely to making tubular and roundish shapes. And what is an octopus/squid/cuttle fish if not a bunch of tubular and roundish shapes put together? That being said, it's how you put them together… Continue reading Cephalopod Crochet