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A Klein Bottle

A Klein bottle is an interesting closed surface that comes up in certain areas of mathematics. After our wonderful librarian at school hooked me up (no pun intended, but I will leave it) with a paper on a knitted version of a Klein bottle, I thought I should really try to crochet one someday. Enter:… Continue reading A Klein Bottle

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The Ideal Crochet Sphere

Making a sphere is something that comes up a lot in the realm of crocheting stuff. But how do you make a really good sphere? This is something that I pondered one day. After a very brief and half-hearted go of it with google, I decided to answer the question myself... by throwing some math… Continue reading The Ideal Crochet Sphere

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Hyperbolic Crochet of Coolness

I am a math geek. I should point that out now. I, therefore, think it's so amazingly neat that someone figured out how to represent a hyperbolic surface using crochet! (That someone, by the way, was mathematician Daina Taimina.) What is a hyperbolic surface, you may rightly ask. Well, it is defined as anything that… Continue reading Hyperbolic Crochet of Coolness