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My Colourful Obsession

When I find something I really, really like, I have zero chill; I obsess over it. That's what happened when I decided to make a shawl using colourful yarn. I scoured the internet for just the right colour changing yarn, when I landed on Scheepjes Whirl. Of course, it's nowhere to be found in my… Continue reading My Colourful Obsession

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Scarflette, Anyone?

What is a scarflette, anyway? When I asked google, even it wasn't sure. (Being a made-up word doesn't exactly help.) So then I asked Etsy. Seems they aren't totally sure either! People have categorized anything from a shawl to a crochet necklace to an actual scarf as 'scarflette'. Confusifying. Well, in my mind, a scarflette… Continue reading Scarflette, Anyone?