Rosie the puppy
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Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

This weekend, we packed up our gear (and Boo) and headed to my parents for Thanksgiving. You may recall that my parents have a new edition to their family: Rosie the redonkulously adorable puppy. The last time I saw her was in August, so she's grown a little since then. I know. She's just painfully cute.… Continue reading Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

Granny Circle and shrubs
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There’s No Place Like Home

Ahhhhhhhh. That's the sound of every part of me relaxing as I drive into my parent's neighbourhood. I'm home for Thanksgiving and I've brought along Boo and the boyfriend ... and some crocheting too. We brought Boo with us because he's the one that needs to be supervised the closest. He's already managed to play… Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home