Totoro Amigurumi Side View
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To-to-ro, Totoro!

I admit, I am a latecomer to the Totoro-love party. Having just seen Toy Story 3 on Friday (a must see movie), I was intrigued by one of Bonnie's toys - it was Totoro! (Aside: it turns out that Totoro ended up in the movie because John Lasseter is a huge Totoro fan!) I knew… Continue reading To-to-ro, Totoro!

Crochet Cars
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This is a shout out to all you crochet vehicles! I don't know if you've heard, but I kind of have a thing for crocheted rockets... I'm also in the midst of typing up a pattern for a yellow submarine. So, I'm totally in the mood for some crocheted locomotion! Without further ado, here are some… Continue reading Trans-port-a-shun!


Ninjas: There are 4 of them in this post

These aren't your ordinary ninjas. Don't be fooled by their friendly, adorable-ness because they're actually and adorable. Yup. These guys are just generally very happy and well meaning. This means they've had to adapt their ninja moves accordingly. Flying Front Snap Kick? Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique? These guys aren't interested. Their moves:… Continue reading Ninjas: There are 4 of them in this post