About Me

Hello! I am a teacher/crafter born and bred in Ontario, Canada with some degrees in physics and engineering physics.

I have been crocheting since I was 12 and I’ve always really enjoyed making dolls and cute things. My obsession with space and rockets began even before my crocheting obsession. No surprise then that I crochet rockets as well…

I’ve been – I’ll admit it – obsessed with making amigurumis for a while now, so you can find a few of them in almost every room of my house. I’ve been having way too much fun creating my own patterns for them too.

You can find my patterns here:

My Etsy shop

My Ravelry patterns

26 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love this pattern. Fast, Fun, EASY. Should come with an “addictive” warning. I’ve made the 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20 row spheres already.

    I found the oops on the 10 row sphere and also one on the 16 row sphere – rows 7 and 11.

  2. Hello I have a little question : I study Ideal Sphere
    – in 10 Row Sphere:
    – Row 10) 4 scdec
    Please could you explain me what is scdec ?
    Thank in advance

  3. He buscado la explicación matemática de la esfera y no la encuentro. Me interesa mucho.
    I wish you understand my spanish! Thanks for your generosity!

  4. Hello! It took me a while to get my nerve up, but I made an amigurumi based on your ideal sphere pattern! I used half of the sphere to make up the cranium of the doll. 🙂 I’m working on a revised version of the pattern right now and I wanted to say thank you so much for providing such an amazing pattern for everyone to use.

  5. Heydo this is Lejla from Berlin, hope you got my email 🙂
    Pls response 😉 😉 looking forward to ! And thank you again for your fantastic work ! Danke, danke, danke !
    Kind regards, Lejla

  6. I’m interested in learning more about the mathematics behind your designs. How do you relate computations to stitches? Did you publish your results some place where I could maybe I read more about your process?!?! I want to understand more about the mathematics of crochet designs!!!

  7. I need help with the space shuttle pattern. I have already purchased it. Having trouble with the wing section. Need more pictures of what it is supposed to look like. Send info to neabeck@gmail.com
    Also – the yarn quantities are WAY off. Need much more yarn than the pattern calls for

  8. I love you love you love you, because you figured out a perfect crochet sphere. I’ve always thought my crochet brain and my math brain had something deep in common. Especially because I seldom work from patterns but rather engineer stuff as I go.
    I love you the way I love Elizabeth Zimmerman who saw that knitting women could think and design instead of following patterns. Thank you!

  9. Hello!! I am absolutely amazed at how many of my favorite characters you have such detailed and beautiful patterns for! I am an instant fan! I’m legally blind and years ago I gave up on trying to knit or crochet becayse I can just not see well enough to not drop stitches or make horrible project ending mistakes lately I’ve been trying ruminating and have been having some real success with it. I was wondering if you might happen to have a new pattern for your Totoro or your BB eight especially the your Totoro pattern because that is my six-year-old sons and in his favorite movie ever. We have gone through five copies of the DVD so far thankfully I finally got it on digital. But it would mean the world to me and my son if you don’t already have him on a limb pattern if you could possibly convert him into one.??!! I don’t have a ton of money but I would definitely be willing to paying play though to make me into a loom pattern for me!?
    Katie Chandler

  10. I really love that you bring mathematics in to crochet 🙂
    Ihave a challenge for you 😉
    Can you crochet a 3D snail shell?
    I know there must be a mathematical formula for the shell, and if anyone can figure out how to put that in to crochet, it is you 😀
    I love your work – best regards

  11. Hello,
    I am messaging you on here cause I didn’t know how else to ask. I purchased your pattern for the space shuttle a while ago and as I am assembling I am having a bit of trouble. For some reason I can not figure out how the OMS tanks and engines go on and I cant really see them in the pictures. Any advice? Ora ny pictures that can who this part better? I am very lost. Thanks.

    1. Hi There, I’d be happy to help you out!
      The OMS tanks get sewn on either side of the tail, so that they sandwich the tail. (They should look like two rectangular pancakes with the back open.) The OMS engines get sewn to the back opening of the OMS tanks.
      If you’d like some images, I can email them to you. If you send me an email at mspremiseconclusion@gmail.com, I can get back to you with some pictures.

      I hope this helps a little!

  12. Hello,
    I have a question. There are a few Dutch crocheters that would love the Dutch translation for your perfect sphere pattern.
    If you want I could translate it for you and give it in Dutch so you can add it in your Ravelry.
    Sicerely, Mootje

    1. Hi There, That’s such a great idea! That would be amazing if you would be willing to do that!
      I would love the idea of translating patterns into other languages, but I am sadly lacking in the linguistics department myself. 🙂


  13. Hello! I’ve just come across your perfect sphere, and I’m thrilled with it! Thank you for putting in all the hard work! I’m making little balls to go with the kitten bonding blankets that I’ve been knitting! Physics and engineering are my passions too, so I was especially interested to read about how you worked out the cricket patterns! I do hope that you are keeping well! Best regards from the UK!

  14. Hello, I have a question. I got your ideal sphere paturn it’s great, but I don’t understand the ending of all of them what do you mean when you write “4 scdec” Thanks

  15. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your Puppy Pattern…OMG, a HUGE hit!! I’m already making another for another pooch loving friend. Yours in crocheting, min from Texas

  16. Hi hello !!
    I recently found your website through the home of mathematical knitting.
    I read your ideal circle pattern and i saw that you’ve made a list of how much increases should be made in each row. How exactly did you compute those numbers?
    Thank you 🙂

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