About Me

Hello! I am a teacher/crafter born and bred in Ontario, Canada with some degrees in physics and engineering physics.

I have been crocheting for about 18 years and I’ve always really enjoyed making dolls and cute things. My obsession with space and rockets began even before my crocheting obsession. No surprise then that I crochet rockets as well…

I’ve been – I’ll admit it – obsessed with making amigurumis for a while now, so you can find a few of them in almost every room of my house. I’ve been having way too much fun creating my own patterns for them too.

Other places you can find me on the interwebs:

My Etsy shop

My Ravelry patterns



14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love this pattern. Fast, Fun, EASY. Should come with an “addictive” warning. I’ve made the 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20 row spheres already.

    I found the oops on the 10 row sphere and also one on the 16 row sphere – rows 7 and 11.

  2. Hello I have a little question : I study Ideal Sphere
    – in 10 Row Sphere:
    – Row 10) 4 scdec
    Please could you explain me what is scdec ?
    Thank in advance

  3. He buscado la explicación matemática de la esfera y no la encuentro. Me interesa mucho.
    I wish you understand my spanish! Thanks for your generosity!

  4. Hello! It took me a while to get my nerve up, but I made an amigurumi based on your ideal sphere pattern! I used half of the sphere to make up the cranium of the doll. 🙂 I’m working on a revised version of the pattern right now and I wanted to say thank you so much for providing such an amazing pattern for everyone to use.

  5. Heydo this is Lejla from Berlin, hope you got my email 🙂
    Pls response 😉 😉 looking forward to ! And thank you again for your fantastic work ! Danke, danke, danke !
    Kind regards, Lejla

  6. I’m interested in learning more about the mathematics behind your designs. How do you relate computations to stitches? Did you publish your results some place where I could maybe I read more about your process?!?! I want to understand more about the mathematics of crochet designs!!!

  7. I need help with the space shuttle pattern. I have already purchased it. Having trouble with the wing section. Need more pictures of what it is supposed to look like. Send info to neabeck@gmail.com
    Also – the yarn quantities are WAY off. Need much more yarn than the pattern calls for

  8. I love you love you love you, because you figured out a perfect crochet sphere. I’ve always thought my crochet brain and my math brain had something deep in common. Especially because I seldom work from patterns but rather engineer stuff as I go.
    I love you the way I love Elizabeth Zimmerman who saw that knitting women could think and design instead of following patterns. Thank you!

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