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Holy Freeform Crochet, Batman

This is something that I’ve had some fun google image searching lately. Basically, from what I’ve gathered from the internet, to make a freeform crochet piece, you just start crocheting… and then the key is not to stop.

When you switch up the type of yarn, the colour, the technique, maybe throw in some knitted pieces here and there, you may eventually come up with something like this:

It’s like a kaleidoscope of textured/coloured awesomeness. This image is from freeform by prudence over on Flickr, who is a kind of a guru with this technique. She makes these amazing pieces and then displays them as art/makes clothes out of them etc. She has a blog where she has a gallery of all her work (which you have to check out) and she also takes you through the step-by-step process of making one tiny piece of the whole thing.

It looks like it takes forever to make a whole project this way, but it also seems extremely creative and stream-of-consciousness.

It’s like the Terry Gilliam of crocheting.

People also make neckpieces this way, like this piece by irregular expressions on Flickr.

I just love this! They have an Etsy shop too, where I have hearted most of their inventory. This definitely falls under the category of wearable art.

Conclusion: I must try this technique!

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