Boo and Happy Face
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The Happy Face Toy

Oh, the Happy Face Toy. What can I say? It has become infamous at our house. Happy Face Toy began when I decided to crochet a super quick toy for the kitties, hoping that they would play with it occasionally. Never could I ever have predicted the extent to which Happy Face Toy would be played with … Happy Face has taken on a life of its own (see below).

Boo and Happy Face

Boo and Happy Face

Let me point out, it’s not like my cats are suffering from a lack of toys. On the contrary, they have many toys which remain scattered throughout our living room on a regular basis. Some of these toys weren’t cheap, either. But in typical fashion, they love Happy Face Toy the best.

This thing gets played with all over the place. I keep finding it in strange places, bringing it out into the open, only to find it someplace random again. My cats carry it around in their mouths. This is strange, since my cat Odis (who is 13) has never done this in her life. Another strange thing she does only with Happy Face: carries it up to our room at 5am, meowing constantly, only to drop it on the floor and walk away. Weird.

Here is why I think they like it:

1) It is oblong. This means that it rolls quite erratically, unlike a perfect sphere, which makes it more unpredictable and fun to play with.

2) It is crocheted. All the little holes between the stitches makes it very easy to pick up and carry around with one’s teeth.

3) I stuffed it with catnip. Not that much, just enough mixed in with the stuffing.

4) It’s really dirty. As I mentioned, it has been kicked around aaall over the place so it’s filthy. I think my cats like that a lot.

So, if you want to try out this super easy cat toy, here is how I made it:

Before you start crocheting, put some stuffing in a bowl (eyeball the amount you will need) and mix it up with some catnip. (Use your hands with a kneading motion.) Some of the catnip will stick nicely within the stuffing. Just stuff any remaining loose catnip in when you stuff the toy.

The Toy:

Ch 2.
Row 1: 6 Sc in second chain from hook. (6 St)
Row 2: 2 Sc in each stitch around. (12 St)
Row 3: (Sc in next stitch. 2 Sc in next stitch.) Repeat () around. (18 St)
Row 4: (Sc in next 2 stitches. 2 Sc in next stitch.) Repeat () around. (24 St)
Row 5-11: Sc in each stitch around. (24 St)
Row 12: (Sc in next 2 stitches. ScDec.) Repeat () around. (18 St)
Row 13: (Sc in next stitch. ScDec.) Repeat () around. (12 St)
If you wish, turn the ball inside out at this point. Begin to stuff the toy, then continue with the remaining rows.
Row 14: ScDec around. (6 St)
Fasten off yarn. Weave loose end through each stitch in last row. Pull tightly to close.

As a final touch, use some yarn and stitch on a little happy face.

Happy Face Toy

I’ve been thinking lately of trying to clean Happy Face (it’s so disgusting), but I’m not sure how I should do it. I also have a feeling that once I clean it, it would lose some of its appeal. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “The Happy Face Toy”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha I would say the catnip did it! Raymond had a catnip addiction for a while there! I love it when animals play with toys, it cracks me up… your black cat is lovely…

  2. Our cats carry their toys around and murr especially at night. I think they are showing off their “fresh kills” for us or carrying their babies around. Ani only carries a plush mouse that looks like her while Marley carries everything possible including his bed which is twice his size. They murr in their “I’m so lost -come and find me” voice and want praise and cuddles. When Marley’s in trouble for bugging Ani, he get banished from the room. The longer you leave him outside the rec room, the more toys you find when you open the door. Who says cats are boring and don’t have personalities???

    1. Ha ha I love it!! I can just picture your cat Marley carrying around a giant cat bed! Cats are so much fun. And the way your cats carry around stuff in their mouths, meowing sounds like what Odis and Boo do with Happy Face.

  3. Washing cat toys…it’s like washing a 7-year-old’s hands & sending him back out to play. He doesn’t mind the dirt, he doesn’t even know the dirt’s there, and he’s just going to replace it with more dirt. Until the cats start spitting out mud, it’s fine.

    Good pattern too – perfect for the catnip growing in the backyard. Thanks.

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