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To-to-ro, Totoro!

I admit, I am a latecomer to the Totoro-love party. Having just seen Toy Story 3 on Friday (a must see movie), I was intrigued by one of Bonnie’s toys – it was Totoro! (Aside: it turns out that Totoro ended up in the movie because John Lasseter is a huge Totoro fan!) I knew of Totoro from all the crafts I’d seen of him on Craftster, but I didn’t know anything about him, nor had I seen the movie.

Well, that changed yesterday. I watched My Neighbour Totoro for the first time and LOVED it! I was misty eyed in the end. What a sweet, charming, youthful, adventure-ful, imaginative movie! I also can’t stop singing the theme song (much to my bf’s amusement/annoyance). I’m thinking of watching it again today…

So, here are some amazing Totoros that I found online. I’m really thinking of making one, too. How long would it take to crochet a 6 foot tall Totoro, I wonder ….

Here is an adorable Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro from the always amazing Angry Angel over on Flickr.

An adorably huggable O Totoro, by Wen Rou also on Flickr.

And, finally, here is the whole Totoro gang! This pattern is available from TGLD Doll on Etsy.

I have a feeling people are going to be looking at me funny today as I go around singing, “To-to-ro, Totoro!” At least my cats are used to it…


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