Amy Butler fabrics
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Pretty, Pretty Fabrics

Well, here is something that I totally forgot to post about. I haven’t actually gotten around to making anything with these fabrics yet, so I guess it’s ok that they’ve remained a secret.

So, I decided to sew some pretty pillow covers to go with our new white bedspread. Our old one was brown, and so the current brown pillow covers don’t exactly go with the ‘bright’ and ‘happy’ scheme I’m trying in there. As I was looking for inspiration on the interweb (this was, oooh, a few months ago now), I stumbled upon Amy Butler fabrics. And the heavens sort of opened up and I think I may have heard angels or something and I became obsessed.

The problem was: I couldn’t choose which fabrics to get. The other problem was: after searching around the city (and the next city over) I discovered there was nowhere to buy the fabrics!

So, I turned to Etsy. I love Etsy. I found a store that had a great selection, and, after fiiiinally choosing which fabrics I wanted, I ordered them. I can’t tell you how excited I was when they came!!

Amy Butler fabrics

Aren’t they GORGEOUS!? Boo, of course, wanted in on the action as well.

Boo on fabrics

I just love them so much that they haven’t left the family room to live in the sewing/desk/book room. They’ve been on display for months! They are just too pretty. I’ve been showing them off to people who come over. I’m sort of nervous to sew with them because I don’t want to cut them up! But I think this weekend I’m going to take the plunge…

Oh, and another hilarious outcome to this Amy Butler adventure, is that now I can spot almost any Amy Butler fabric about a mile away. It’s like Amy-Butler-radar that gets activated as soon I step into a fabric store. Mark is slightly frightened by newfound super-power. But I love it!


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