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Flower Tote

Tote time! Tote-y Tote Tote.

With flowers!

Flower Tote 1

This is the first project that I made with my new sewing machine, way back during the Christmas holidays. I was inspired by a few different things (including my Mom’s fabric stash). I based the sewing part from a wonderful, free pattern I found online by Dianne Hadaway. I skipped the pocket part (I wasn’t yet confident enough in my skills to attempt the intimidating ‘pocket’ concept).

I fell in love with the look of this one tote from my happy-Japanese-crochet book.

Flower Tote from Book

I found a nice, light coloured khaki sort of fabric in Mummy’s stash, along with a pretty flower print for the lining. Unfortunately, the outer fabric frays easily, so adding the crochet flower embellishment meant that I couldn’t just poke holes in the tote and crochet directly around the lining, like they did in the book. So, I had to fudge the ‘vines’ and then sew it all on later.

I’m usually not a matchy-matchy kind of girl, but I decided to make the colour of the crocheted flowers on the outside the same as the colour of the flowers in the lining. And it pleases me to no end!

Flower Tote 2

I so love it! I don’t have anything to use it for, though, so for now it holds all my little yarn scraps … and it sits around looking pretty.

Flower Tote 3

Oh yeah, and of course, because it was my first attempt, I ended up sewing one of the handles on crooked. I’m happy to report, though, that the consensus seems to be that the crooked handle just adds ‘character’ to the tote. (And that’s good, because I wasn’t about to rip the works out!)

Unfortunately for Boo, the flower tote is just a teensy bit too small for him to fit in. As I am sure you probably guessed, this fact hasn’t stopped him in the least from trying.

Have a beautiful weekend!

1 thought on “Flower Tote”

  1. Cute! I love how the crocheted flowers match the flowers in your lining. And, I think I need to stock up on happy-Japanese-crochet books – that garland is too darling for words.

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