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Snowflake Mania!

OK. So I’ve been a little obsessed with snowflakes recently. I discovered this amazing directory of snowflake patterns linked from a fantastic blog called Snowcatcher. I seriously recommend checking this out. This woman has mad snowflake-making skills. There are over 100 snowflake patterns on that directory and they are all unique. Amaze-balls.

I started experimenting with some patterns using the only white yarn that I had lying around: acrylic worsted weight. So, the first two are a little on the chunky side.


But then I went to Michaels (with coupon in hand) and purchased by first ball of skinny cotton yarn! Armed with the cotton, I went to town on more snowflakes.


One amusing thing I learned: don’t rub your eyes while you’re crocheting with this stuff because the mascara that rubs off on your fingers will show up on the snowflake. And it won’t come out easily. Rats.


I stiffened the snowflakes by painting on a glue and water mixture. I bought some sparkles today at the craft store, so I’m planning on experimenting with them on my next two, which aren’t stiffened yet. I’m also planning on attaching a red ribbon to the tops of them, so they can be hung on a Christmas tree.


I’ve been leaving the snowflakes to dry on wax paper on the kitchen counter. They’ve sort of been taking over the kitchen lately… Mark’s starting to get a little worried. He’s asked, ‘Is this a new thing?’ (Knowing my track record on crafting obsessions, that’s a fair question.) I’ve assured him that I’m giving them all away for Christmas, so he doesn’t have to worry. Well, maybe I’ll keep just a few…


24 thoughts on “Snowflake Mania!”

  1. They’re beautiful! Well done. I wish I’d started all of my gift making MUCH earlier this year so I could add this to my project list. 🙂

  2. Your snowflakes turned out so cool, and the chunky ones are about the best chunky ones I’ve ever seen. That Pac Man ghost, though, is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  3. I really like your chunky ones! Where did you find the pattern for the larger one. I looked on the Snowcatcher Snowflake Directory and I don’t think it’s there unless I just not seeing it. I would appreciate info on where I can get the pattern. Thank you.

  4. Great… what I use to stiffen mine, make a potatoe starch gravy and add a bit of glue. They dry fast but not on wax paper. You can get big sheets of green flower forms and pin your snowflakes down to make them look how they should.
    Potatoe starch dries clear… cornstarch or flour are milky. You can add salt into your water before you cook it for a different affect.
    The gravy is 2 tbsp starch to a cup of water cooked on a stove or microwave. Wisk often if done in microwave and constant if done on the stove. It only takes a few minutes to make and than add about a 1/4 cup of glue.
    It works the best while still warm so I do a bunch at a time.

  5. I love the first snowflake that you refer to as chunky just like it is. What pattern did you use for this one?

  6. Awesome snowflakes, none of these have been found in my 6 snowflake books. Do you have the patterns? What would you charge for them, please email me. My grand daughter’s bday is Frozen this year, she’ll be 2 so I’m crocheting snowflakes for take home gifts. Thank you in advance. 😃

  7. for the stiffening, I use an old cardboard sewing chart with a grid pattern (makes the blocking easier) but any large thick piece of cardboard will do. pin to the cardboard and put it anywhere, even sideways up against a wall and out of the way while it dries. just make sure the pins are stainless or they will rust and discolor the threads. I also put clear packing tape on the surface so you don’t need any waxed paper or other medium and they won’t stick. just fold your cardboard up and put in a closet until your next batch is ready to starch

  8. I just want you to know this post is still holding strong. Thank you for posting. I also thought I would add that I had the same dilemma of drying snowflakes taking space; I thought I would share my solution for the counter space crowding is as follows:
    My husband cut me pieces of cardboard and I covered them with wax paper with a small piece of tape around the sides to hold it in place.
    I pinned each stiffened snowflake, I used glue and water method 1:1, to the cardboard 3 to 5 to each cardboard.
    The pins are a spacer between cardboard so just stack away.

    They are good for several uses. This year everyone that I sent a Christmas card to, got a snowflake for their tree.

  9. Hi! Which snowflake patters. Did you follow from that inventory? There are too many! I want to use the patterns for the 5 large snowflakes you made. I have five kids and I want to make them all a unique snowflake, but all around the same size. Thank you!

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